Exploration of minds hidden languages, through gestures of automatic drawing, using drawing and photographic methods. Because of mental disorders affects on my everyday life, I am daily overwhelmed by various sensations. Most of these sensations feel unexplainable but intense. Often feeling as if they are hidden underneath my conscious mind.
My lack of understanding these inner sensations is the inspiration for the series, attempting to access this information from my unconscious mind. Through uncontrolled or little to no control gestures of automatic drawing, that has also been used for psychoanalysis, I feel I can access this information, only in a form that may look readable, yet it is not.

Lyydia Osara (she/they, b. 1996) is a visual artist working mainly with cameraless experimental photography. Through experimental and non-representative expression Osara works in expressing her inner worlds, hoping to gain further understanding of their often-intense emotions. With this technique they transfer abstract emotion into physical form. Intuitive movement is important in Osara’s work, therefore automatic drawing has become an important tool for her because of its cathartic and accessible nature. Exploring language like form as part of their master’s thesis work at Aalto University, Osara explores creating natural forms in contrast to expression using language systems. They examine the contradiction of needing to truly express oneself and its impossibility through everyday verbal language.

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